The Black Box ToolKit specialises in products that help psychologists, neuroscientists and vision researchers achieve millisecond accurate stimulus presentation, synchronisation, and reaction time measurement in their computer-based experiments. Poorly controlled psychology experiments can lead to replication failure, spurious results and questionable conclusions. Millisecond timing error affects your work even when you use an experiment generator like E-Prime, SuperLab, Inquisit, Presentation, Paradigm, OpenSesame or PsychoPy etc.

You should not be taken in by the suggestion that you simply need to run more trials or that errors can be corrected statistically. You should aim for as near zero millisecond timing error as possible on your own equipment with your own experiment scripts.

Ask yourself: (1) Are you always carrying out the experiments you assume you are? (2) Are you aware of millisecond timing error in your own experiments?
(3) Are you confident you can replicate experiments using different hardware and software in another lab? What | Why | How
    NEW BBTK v2 Software released as a FREE upgrade for Entry, Pro & Elite customers | Highlights.

USB TTL event marking module launched. Our parallel port replacement lets you event mark quickly and easily from any experiment generator or your own software.

open letter on replication failure in psychology experiments published | Preprint.

Our CABN Neuroscience paper on timing published | Preprint: Learn more about the causes of timing error in your studies.

Retraction watch: Crosse & Lalor 2014, The cortical representation of the speech envelope is earlier for audiovisual speech than audio speech.
  NEW millisecond accurate USB response pad launched – works just like a traditional keyboard! A truly fit and forget solution for any experiment generator.

USB response pad with integrated Voice Key now on sale. Vocal response to keystroke mapping via bundled headset/mic.

AME selected as partner for integrated turnkey EEG, EP, ERP and fMRI research solutions.
CASE STUDIES            
Cognitive Psychology, University of Sheffield, UK.
What should have been simple turned into a major headache. We wanted to display a prime for 11ms and evaluate social behaviour dependent on the prime. Unfortunately 33% of our participants could see the prime! Without the BBTK we wouldn't have been able to carry out our replication successfully.
  Speech & Language, University of York, UK.
We noticed that on some trials there appeared to be a presentation lag on the sounds we wanted to play to participants. This turned out to be due to soundcard startup latencies. With the help of a BBTK v2 we managed to adjust onsets so that sounds were synchronised.
  EEG & fMRI, University of Durham, UK.
In some of our EEG work it was sometimes difficult to know the exact relationship between what we presented, a subjects response and what the EEG recorded. We used a BBTK v2 to evaluate presentation timings and event mark to help tighten up our experiments prior to publication.
  Space Applications Services, Belgium.
Space Applications performs space system and software engineering for the European Space Agency, national space agencies and the space industry (unmanned and manned). They work with the BBTK to ensure accurate presentation and response timings in Virtual and Augmented Reality systems (eVRS).
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