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'To improve the research methods used by those involved in computer-based experimentation and investigation within the behavioural and brain sciences.'

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The Black Box Toolkit Ltd is dedicated to improving the millisecond timing accuracy and experimental rigor of researchers in the behavioural and brain sciences. We provide hardware, software and consultancy solutions across a wide range of fields that make use of computerized investigation in order to make this a reality.

Company history
The Black Box Toolkit Ltd was founded in 2003 by Dr Richard R. Plant and a team of psychologists, software experts and electronic engineers when it became evident that researchers were frequently having problems obtaining stable results in computer-based psychology experiments.

We quickly realised that benchmarking hardware and software in our lab did not reflect what researchers were doing with their own equipment and paradigms. In fact, it is now a well documented fact that millisecond timing varies depending on the hardware used. This makes it hard to single out one experiment generator, or platform, over another. What was needed was an inexpensive kit that enabled researchers to quickly and easily check their own experiments millisecond timing accuracy, in situ and without modification. As a result we have spent over a decade developing and refining the Black Box ToolKit v2™

The BBTK v2 enables researchers like you improve their ability to replicate and correct any millisecond presentation, synchronisation and reaction time errors prior to publication. A range of companion products help you achieve greater reaction time accuracy and event mark with ease.

Our hope is that members of the academic community will begin to take presentation and response timing issues more seriously and will endeavour to correct any errors in their own work prior to publication. Furthermore, figures for timing reliability should be stated within published journal articles as a matter of course. We also hope that awareness of the issues involved should be incorporated into degree teaching.

The Black Box Toolkit is a Limited Company registered in England since 2003.


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