The Black Box ToolKit v2 model options
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The Black Box ToolKit v2 comes in three models: The Entry, Pro and Elite. The Entry model allows you to check the millisecond presentation and response timing accuracy of your psychology experiment across 12 channels; the Pro across 20 channels; and the Elite across 36 channels. Depending on model, various sensors and output lines will be provided as standard. All BBTK v2's also allow you to run them in real-time event marking mode, e.g. a visual stimulus will produce a +5V TTL event mark on an EEG trace.

A summary of how you could use each model to improve the quality of your psychological research is shown below. If you wish to discuss your requirements beforehand we are here to help!

Entry 12 Channel
Comes complete with one opto-detector that can be affixed to either a CRT, TFT or data projector screen in order to detect a visual stimulus onset, duration and offset. By wiring a simple Active Switch Closure (ASC) lead to your own response device the BBTK can respond at known intervals to automatically step through your whole experiment. An example paradigm that could be tested using this entry level configuration would be a simple reaction time paradigm that presented visual stimuli. Alternatively the visual stimulus could be continually event marked using a +5V TTL output line.

Pro 20 Channel
Could be used to check a cross modal paradigm (vision and sound) where choice reaction time is measured. Two optos could monitor different screen regions for two different stimulus markers. Based on which stimulus marker was detected a different response could be made on your own device. A BBTK microphone could also be used to check the relative onset, duration and offset of audio events. Again any stimulus event could be event marked on a +5V TTL output line.

Elite 36 Channel
Offers 16 additional TTL lines, more optos, mics and sounders, and comes complete with a BBTK 4 button USB response pad and a Robotic Key Actuator to press keys on your own response devices. When combining eye tracking and EEG for example, you could use 4 optos to event mark up to 4 different visual stimuli on an EEG trace, whilst simultaneously checking the synchronicity of two audio streams. When the BBTK received a TTL fixation signal from your eye tracker it could respond at a known RT using the BBTK Robotic Key Actuator to press a key on your own laptop, or other response device, whilst also sending a mirrored TTL signal back to your eye tracking/EEG software.

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Model options
There are currently three models of BBTK v2 available: The Entry, Pro and Elite.

Feature What can it do Entry
12 Channel
20 Channel
36 Channel
Opto-detector sensors and cables
Time visual presentations. 1x (max 2) 2x (max 4) 4x (max 4)
TTL input
Time TTL signals sent from external equipment, e.g. fMRI, EEG etc. 1x (max 1) 2x (max 2) 2x (max 2)
TTL output
Send TTL signals to external equipment. 1x (max 1) 2x (max 2) 2x (max 2)
Active Switch Closure (ASC)
Hard-wire your own response device keys so that the BBTK can trigger them. Works with modern membrane keyboards. 1x (max 2) 2x (max 4) 4x (max 4)
BBTK Microphone
Time audio stimulus events generated by your equipment. 0x (max 1) 1x (max 2) 2x (max 2)
BBTK Sounder
Trigger your own voice key from the BBTK. 0x (max 1) 1x (max 2) 2x (max 2)
LCD status screen 20 character, 4 line backlit LCD screen shows you the current status of the BBTK Yes Yes Yes
25-way ASC/TTL breakout board Allows for up to 2 TTL out, 2 TTL in and 4 ASC connections to your own equipment. Also includes 4 additional +5V/grounds. Yes Yes Yes
25-way TTL expansion port Additional expansion port which allows for connection of the TTL breakout board below. Yes Yes Yes
16 channel TTL breakout board
Breakout board with separate signal processor/CPU provides an additional 16 high speed multipurpose TTL lines (8 input/8 output). Option Option Yes
9-way BBTK response pad connection Allows for connection of the BBTK 4 button response pad. Yes Yes Yes
BBTK 4 button carbon fibre effect response pad
Measure presentation and response timing with sub-millisecond accuracy using the BBTK rather than your own hardware and software. Can also simultaneously trigger your own response device for easy RT accuracy comparisons (uses second 9-way connector on rear of response pad). Also works as a standalone millisecond accurate USB response pad! Option Option Included
Robotic response key actuator
Press keys on your own response devices, e.g. laptop keys, response pads, Android tablets, iPads, touch screen phones etc. with our robotic finger. Unobtrusive and noninvasive. Option Option Included
API & SDK available Documented software API to control the BBTK from your own applications. Option Option Included

High quality aluminium carrying case

Keep your BBTK safe from everyday knocks. Option Option Included