Custom built devices & consultancy pricing
At the Black Box ToolKit we have the capability to offer one off custom-built devices depending on your requirements. Some recent examples are shown below.

We also offer consultancy, integration and training services to help you achieve consistently accurate timing whatever the paradigm.

To find out more feel free to email us. Alternatively contact us by mail, phone or fax.

Hand-held response buttons for our USB response pads and response boxes.

Laser cut profiles which permanently attach to a stimulus presentation monitor so that visual event markers can be fed into the BBTK v2 without a participant seeing them. The profile has two built-in opto-dectectors. Can either be used vertically or horizontally depending on the monitor it is attached to.

Profiles are manufactured to exactly fit your monitor and come in a range of materials and colours.

Custom USB response pads.

  Four inline coloured buttons Modified response pad with 8x external 30mm Piko buttons in white (gives eight unique keystrokes)

Four standard buttons and four clear
cap buttons with example labels
Three smaller buttons (24mm)
and modified firmware
Custom external button on 5m lead
ready to mount into customers own housing
  A sample of just some of the response pad layouts we have created for customers are shown above  

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