Synchronization with other equipment in psychology experiments (EEG, MRI, MEG)
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Synchronisation between other equipment and the PC or Mac you are running your psychology experiment on is a typical source of timing error.

Due to inherent millisecond timing errors in your other equipment, e.g. TFT, soundcard, response device, it can be difficult to align an event marker to an EEG machine or sync signal from an MRI machine accurately. For example, if you instruct the experiment to send an event marker to coincide with the onset of an image it is fairly certain the marker will actually be sent before the images appears due to input lag on your TFT monitor. How much sooner the event marker is sent can only be determined empirically with a Black Box ToolKit v2.

The Black Box ToolKit v2 can also help you identify EEG acquisition artefacts and apply the appropriate post hoc corrections.

A Neurovisor-BMM 40 computer-based electroencephalograph (image courtesy of Masloboev Yury Petrovich)

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