Millisecond accurate USB response pad key features
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It doesn't matter which experiment generator you use to run your computer-based Psychology experiments the new Black Box ToolKit USB response pad helps improve your millisecond response time accuracy.

Simply plug in to a USB port on your PC/Mac/Linux system and our response box will appear as a second keyboard. Press a button and a standard keystroke will be sent to your experiment. No need for drivers, no need to recode! Works out of the box with E-Prime, SuperLab, Presentation, Inquisit, PsychoPy or any other software that can accept standard keyboard responses.

Finished in an attractive carbon fibre effect our response box houses up to 8 buttons in a range of colours and locations. Sister model with integrated voice key now shipping.

High accuracy, low variability
To measure a real world RT of 300ms accurately you need all components of your system to be functioning optimally. We guarantee that the variability of our response devices is as low as possible compared with any other alternative. For example a typical keyboard and mouse have a much greater level of inaccuracy and variability (in this example 340ms and +/- 27ms).

*Remember although our USB response pads are millisecond accurate and help reduce RT variability in your experiments they can't automatically correct for any mistimings that are inherent within the experiment generator you use.

If you wish to check the accuracy and consistency of your experiment generator, or system as a whole, you are advised to use a Black Box ToolKit v2 together with a BBTK USB response pad.

All response pads ship with a USB host lead and standard TTL lead.

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Key features
  • Sleek carbon fibre enclosure around the size of a paperback book (202mm x 137mm x LW)
  • Choice of 1 to 8 buttons (30mm dia)
  • Works out of the box with PCs/Macs/Linux
  • Compatible with all Psychology experiment generators, e.g. E-Prime, SuperLab, Presentation, Inquisit, DMDX, ERTS, DirectRT, PsyScope, PsychoPy etc.
  • Needs no drivers – fully plug in & play
  • Appears as a second keyboard
  • Map buttons to any keystroke you need
  • Full-speed USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 3.0)
  • Scans for a press 50,000 times every second in USB mode and 221,000 times a second in BBTK response box mode
  • Guarantee millisecond accurate responses*
  • Built-in TTL event marking for EEG, biofeedback, fMRI and time audit
  • Use up to 4x external buttons
  • 4x Active Switch Closures trigger your own response device
  • Works with the Black Box ToolKit allowing it to take over all stimulus and response timing duties
  • Note: You do not need a Black Box ToolKit to use our USB response pad with your experiment as it works just like a standard keyboard.

Additional features
  • Choice of button colours and locations
  • Clear cap buttons available in a range of colours (put your own labels under a clear plastic 21mm dia button cover)
  • Default buttons map to keyboard keys a, s, d, f, g, h, j, k
  • 4x non slip rubber feet
  • Sturdy construction means it will last for years
  • Uses high quality 30mm diameter Japanese arcade machine buttons certified for over 1,000,000 key presses
  • Fully updatable firmware

  • Published timing characteristics: right first time, every time!
Unless otherwise labelled, all products offered for sale by The Black Box ToolKit Ltd are for academic study and/or research use only.