Millisecond accurate USB response pad custom layout
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Sometimes you'll need to customise the button layout of your response pad for a given computer-based psychology experiment.

Fortunately with our highly flexible USB response pad you can do just that quickly and easily and for minimal cost. Simply choose between 1 and 8 button locations and we will manufacture it to your requirements. Using our downloadable design templates makes this a breeze. Alternatively give us a sketch and we'll send you a PDF proof of your design for approval.

Feel free to contact us if you have specific requirements, e.g. smaller buttons, different colours, quieter GamerFinger buttons etc.

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Custom layout
Customizing your layout is easy. Simply choose 1 to 8 x 30mm dia buttons, decide where you want to put them and finally choose the colour and whether you want clear cap button tops. Other button sizes and types may be available on request. View our custom layout gallery.
You can customize your button layout by purchasing a blank lid for £49 GBP and then electing where to place 4x standard white buttons. Lid measurement 202mm length x 137mm width.  

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Each additional hole together with standard white button after the first 4x locations of your choosing adds £5 GBP.

If you would like to select different coloured buttons or have clear caps under which to put your own labels check out button colours and clear caps.  

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To help we have provided downloadable templates you can use with your favourite drawing package to customize your layout.

Send us your layout and we'll make it to your design. Alternatively give us a sketch and we'll send you a PDF proof of your design for approval. Nothing could be simpler!


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Custom layout gallery
A sample of just some of the response pad layouts we have created for customers are shown below: