Millisecond accurate USB TTL event marking module software
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Before using the USB TTL Module for event marking you should use our configuration software to carry out independent USB TTL Latency Validation Checks. These checks help determine how quickly the module can event mark from your particular PC over USB.

The Configuration Utility also lets you check both TTL Input and Output functionality. To send a given TTL output line high (+5V) click on the virtual LED. To send it low (0V) click on it again so that the LED is not illuminated. Two byte hex output values can range from 00~FF (hex), 0~255 (dec), 00000000~11111111 (bin) to represent the status of each output line or channel on the output port.

In the example below output line 1 has been sent high with a hex output port value of 01 and the appropriate red LED has illuminated (D pin 2). The red output LED on the module itself will also be lit when an event mark/trigger is sent to your computer-based psychology experiment.

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