The Black Box Toolkit Ltd is dedicated to improving the millisecond timing accuracy and experimental rigor of researchers in the behavioral and brain sciences. We provide hardware, software and consultancy solutions across a wide range of fields that make use of computerized investigation in order to make this a reality.

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Why not ask us for a quote for custom hardware design and manufacture or about our consultancy services in order to take your project to the next level. Feel free to email us on: Alternatively, why not give us a call.

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If you wish to discuss your requirements beforehand we are here to help!

Consultancy services and custom built devices

As the Black Box ToolKit Ltd employs experienced Psychologists, Electronic Engineers and Programmers we have the design and manufacturing capabilities to produce one-off custom built devices for a reasonable cost or to customize one of our existing products for you. Need more production volume – we can help here too.

We also offer various on- and off-site training and consultancy services that can be customized to suit your needs. These encompass pre- and post-sales, training and professional development.

If you have an academic or commercial research project you would like us to work on we can help here too.

Our study is time critical and we need to have validated results together with independent timing certification. Do you offer a consultancy service?

Yes. We offer services whereby we can either visit you on-site or test your specific equipment and paradigm within our own UK based lab in order to produce an independent timing accuracy report. Usually such testing is combined with bespoke training for organizations which have recently purchased a Black Box Toolkit v3 or mBBTK v2 (event marking version). We have over a decade of experience of working with groups in various research areas, including: clinical trials; sports medicine; traffic psychology; space applications (manned and unmanned space flight); fatigue management; functional imaging (fMRI); MEG; Magstim and EEG.

Will you work with us on our research grant?

Yes. We often work as partners or consultants on both academic and commercial research grants. Whether your project is at the application stage, or is fully funded, feel free to contact us to discuss your proposal.

We would like you to come and give a talk. Would you be willing to do this?

Yes. Talks and visits typically include a grounding in the academic timing literature, a live demo of a range of Black Box Toolkit products, a Q & A session and an interactive forum where we can advise on your specific paradigms. Please note that travel expenses are chargeable.

We'd like to integrate some best practice guidance into the way we teach undergraduates in the use of experiment generators. Could you advise us?

Yes. Typically we help construct high quality teaching materials which can be delivered to students during research methods courses. There are worked examples with common experiment generators and resources which highlight common errors and workable solutions. As part of the experience we favor on-site visits where we can demonstrate errors and take part in Q & A sessions with students.

I need to talk specifics

If you would like to discuss the functionality of any of our products or would like to enquire about our consultancy services feel free to contact us. Please note we are unable to give specific advice on timing unless you are one of our products users.

Unless otherwise labelled, all products offered for sale by The Black Box ToolKit Ltd are for academic study and/or research use only.

Who are we

Founded in 2003 by a team of psychologists, software experts and electronic engineers we are dedicated to improving the millisecond timing accuracy and experimental rigor of researchers in the behavioral and brain sciences.

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