The Black Box ToolKit specializes in products that help psychologists, neuroscientists and vision researchers achieve millisecond accurate stimulus presentation, synchronization, and reaction time measurement in their computer-based experiments. Ask yourself are you:

  1. Aware of millisecond timing error in your own experiments?
  2. Confident you can replicate experiments using different hardware and software in another lab?
  3. Always carrying out the experiments you assume you are?

If you work in units of a millisecond you should be using our products to help you ensure your results are valid and can be replicated at a later date!

Our customers: Who's improving their millisecond timing accuracy?

We're rapidly building up an impressive list of clients from around the world. Individual researchers to full-blown MRI and EEG labs are finding that Black Box ToolKit's products can help them improve the quality of their experimental work.

What's more the companies who develop many of the tools you use everyday are also discovering the benefits. If the people who develop them are worried about timing issues then so should you! Remember millisecond precision doesn't mean millisecond accuracy. Many factors can and do come into play to prevent perfect timing. These range from hardware differences, operating system configuration to less than ideal scripting practices or plain human error. One day our products could save your reputation as a leader in the field!

Poorly controlled psychology experiments can lead to replication failure, spurious results and questionable conclusions. Millisecond timing error affects your work even when you use an experiment generator like E-Prime, SuperLab, Inquisit, Presentation, Paradigm, OpenSesame or PsychoPy etc. Online and offline experiments are equally prone to errors.

You should not be taken in by the suggestion that you simply need to run more trials or that errors can be corrected statistically. You should aim for as near zero millisecond timing error as possible on your own equipment with your own experiment scripts.

Who are we

Founded in 2003 by a team of psychologists, software experts and electronic engineers we are dedicated to improving the millisecond timing accuracy and experimental rigor of researchers in the behavioral and brain sciences.

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