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At the Black Box ToolKit we aim to make the order process as smooth as possible. What's more we ship worldwide and can get our products to you faster than you might imagine!

We accept official purchase orders from Universities and established companies (subject to approval) and payment can be made via wire/bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.

Request a quote

The first step in the ordering process is to request a formal quotation for the products you have in mind. To request a quotation, or to place an order for any of our products feel free to email us. Alternatively contact us by mail, phone or fax.

If you wish to discuss your requirements beforehand we are here to help!

Current pricing for Black Box ToolKit products and how to buy

Not sure which of our products could benefits you most? Take a look at our product comparison table or contact us for free and impartial advice.

Black Box ToolKit v2 pricing

Check stimulus presentation, synchronization and RT accuracy. Compare

mBlack Box ToolKit v2 (event marking version) pricing

Independent 72 channel TTL event marking and TTL trigger generation. Compare

USB TTL event marking module pricing

Simple TTL event marking with our USB parallel port replacement. Compare

1-8 button USB response pad pricing

USB response pad that appears as a standard keyboard. Compare

1-8 button USB response pad with voice key pricing

USB response pad that appears as a standard keyboard but with added voice key (headset or microphone). Compare

4 port USB response box pricing

USB response box for specialized applications. Compare

Custom built devices and consultancy pricing

As the Black Box ToolKit employs Psychologists, Electronic Engineers and Programmers we can offer a wide range of bespoke services. We have the design and manufacturing capabilities to produce one-off custom built devices for a reasonable cost or to customize one of our existing products for you. Need more production volume we can help here too. We also offer an independent timing audit and benchmarking service for those who need reassurance that their own measures are millisecond accurate.

Why not contact us for a quote for custom hardware design and manufacture or about our consultancy services in order to take your project to the next level.

Unless otherwise labelled, all products offered for sale by The Black Box ToolKit Ltd are for academic study and/or research use only.

About company

The Black Box Toolkit Ltd was founded in 2003 by a team of psychologists, software experts and electronic engineers.

Dedicated to improving the millisecond timing accuracy and experimental rigor of researchers in the behavioral and brain sciences.

We provide hardware, software and consultancy solutions across a wide range of fields to make this a reality. Print flyer

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