Our USB response box is competitively priced and exceeds the specifications of any other response box currently on the market. It appears to your experiment as a standard USB keyboard where a button response registers as a standard key press.

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4 port USB response box pricing

The K-RB1-4 response box is intended for custom applications where our 1 to 8 button response pads cannot be used. Up to four high quality push-to-make/momentary buttons can be connected via 3.5mm mono jacks. We recommend high quality Piko buttons which can be purchased separately. We can also supply a range of arcade cabinet style buttons which can be mounted in your own enclosure or table top.

All response boxes ship with a USB host lead. Add a single shot TTL lead which produces a 50 ms wide 5 V TTL trigger when any button is pressed.

4 port USB response box

BBTK badged 4 port K-RB1-4. Note no buttons are supplied as standard.



Hand-held response buttons/triggers

Waterproof and dustproof to IP67, thermoplastic rubber hand-held response button/trigger in black with single push button and 2m cable.


External buttons terminated in mono 3.5mm jack

A typical configuration showing the 4 button response box being used with two Piko buttons is shown opposite. Piko buttons are available for approximately 85 GBP each and come in two sizes, 30mm and 50mm diameter.

Other button solutions are available which include table top mounted buttons.


Standard one shot TTL lead

TTL lead (1m) +5V and 0V through 2 wires. By default TTL event marking/TTL trigger leads are bare ended at one end. If you require termination specific to your own equipment e.g. BNC, jack, terminal block etc. or longer lengths please contact us for a custom lead quotation. Any button press produces a 50ms TTL blip through this lead.


USB host lead

Used for connecting the response pad to the Host PC.


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