*NB: For details on how to update follow the documentation included in each download file.

Technical support for the Black Box ToolKit v3

Note that when downloading updated firmware you should ensure that your firmware version matches the PC software version. In the downloads below matching ARM firmware and PC software is included.

ARM firmware & PC software for the BBTK v3 (Windows only)

Download RC1 (released 20230403):
  • Includes several bug fixes


View RC1 (released 20230403) / Addendum for V3
How to update your ARM firmware

Robotic Key Actuator instructions

View RKA v2 Assembly instructions (released 20130513)
View RKA v2 Manual (released 20130513)
View RKA v2 Manual for inverted RKA (released 20130513)

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Founded in 2003 by a team of psychologists, software experts and electronic engineers we are dedicated to improving the millisecond timing accuracy and experimental rigor of researchers in the behavioral and brain sciences.

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