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Technical support for the BBTK pressure sensitive force activated USB response pad

Before using the pressure sensitive force activated USB response pad you should use the configuration software to carry out checks as detailed in the manual to ensure that it is functioning correctly. This will enable you to check how much force is being applied to each button when you press it. It will also let you check which USB keyboard keystrokes are produced once a given threshold is reached on any given button.

PSURP configuration utility (Windows only)

Download configuration utility & FTDI VCP drivers (release date TBD/RC1):
  • Checks for correct configuration of the PSURP
  • Carries out automatic latency validation checks for your PC when using the PSURP
  • Enables you to quickly an easily check functionality of each pressure sensitive button, set force thresholds and keystrokes etc.


The pressure sensitive force activated USB response pad configuration utility lets you check both USB connections to your computer and that the PSURP is operating correctly.

The first USB connection is for a Virtual COM Port (VCOM) or serial over USB. This sends streaming force data for all 5 buttons (if installed) to your computer at a rate of 400 Hz. Also encoded within this stream are the status of the two TTL trigger input lines. For the VCOM port to operate correctly you will need to install FTDI drivers for your platform and configure them correctly. For most Microsoft Windows platforms the drivers should be installed automatically. For macOS and Linux you may need to install the drivers manually. For all platforms you will need to configure the drivers correctly as detailed in the PSURP manual.

The second USB connection provides for an additional USB keyboard HID which functions as would a millisecond precise USB keyboard. When a preset force threshold is passed a USB keystroke is generated and held down whilst that threshold is still passed. This is equivalent of pressing a key on a standard keyboard and holding it down so it repeats.

Full step-by-step instructions are provided within the configuration utility. Depending on your antivirus package you may need to disable it while configuring your response device.

This configuration utility only works on Microsoft Windows platforms.

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PSURP drivers

The pressure sensitive force activated USB response pad uses a Future Technology Devices International FT232R interface chip which must have drivers installed and configured correctly for it to operate. This is detailed in the PSURP configuration utility manual. Drivers are included with the configuration utility, but if you wish you can download them directly from the FTDI website.


View RC1 (release date TBD/RC1)

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